My name is Alex Gekker. I am a Lecturer at the New Media and Digital Culture MA and the Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam.

I have recently completed my PhD, titled Uniquitous Cartography: Causal Power in Digital Maps at the Utrecht University.  It was done as part of the ERC research project Charting the Digital:Digital Mapping Practices as New Media Cultures. In this project I examined digital maps from perspective of casual engagement, playfulness and power, focusing on production processes of cartographic interfaces and the assemblages that power them. Major parts of my work are ethnographic inquiries into the working environments that produce maps for everyday consumption, such as navigation, travel or shopping.

Previously I have written about the notion of casual politicking, or the transformation of political conduct as informed by mediatization, and specifically the proliferation of games and game-like interfaces in our daily lives. I’ve also researched Anonymous in the scope of the Internet and governance, which ended up as a book chapter in Digital Ethics: Research and Practice.

I am also a founding member of Games for Health Europe team, and participate in various serious games-related activities. Learn more about my professional experience on my LinkedIn profile.

Feel free to email me, or message me on Facebook or Twitter.

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