UK impressions

UK impressions
Last month I took my longest to date trip to the UK, discarding the family vacation we had in London around 2002. Staying couple of days in Manchester and proceeding through London to Coventry and the University of Warwick, the thing that amazed me the most was the diversity of the English countryside. I’m sure ...

The Sempahore Line brings visions of futuristic mobilities a’ la BBC and juxtaposes them with recent updates on LA auto-traffic system. The future, according to BBC, is full with robotic enmeshed vehicles. foldable city cars and repetitive stock techno music.  

How I gamified dish-washing without knowing. 1

How I gamified dish-washing without knowing.
Dishes. Soap. Water. They go together like a misplaced metaphor next to poor self-expression capabilities. And yet there always was something in the process of dish-washing that I always liked, alongside generally disliking the process of putting clean dishes back to their designated cupboard place. And today, while doing the dishes, a realization finally struck ...